About Us

ETAMP is the Czech film production company based in Prague and founded by Jan Bílek in 1991. ETAMP specializes in the production of both screen and television features, as well as the television series, mostly for the international marketplace.

ETAMP as an independent production company has provided since 1991 full production services for more than 100 feature and TV films, TV series, commercials or musical clips. Some of them ETAMP has co-produced. To get better idea about our experience and to find more details about each production, please have a look at our list of credits.

ETAMP provides full production services starting from location scouting, preliminary budget, shooting schedule through preparation and shooting, postproduction to the final accounting statement. ETAMP can supply and contractually secure top quality film crew, actors, extras, set construction, locations, permits, technical equipment, stages, film laboratories, transportation, accommodation as well as everything else you would need. ETAMP will claim VAT tax refund for all Czech costs. Thanks to its reliability and long-term cooperation with the leading representatives of all film professions ETAMP can offer you reasonable and competitive prices.

On the top of it thanks to the Czech Film Industry Support Programme, effective as of 21 June 2010, we can arrange for you 20% rebate on qualifying Czech spent costs and 10% on qualifying international spent costs (more information).

Among the most interesting films produced with the help of ETAMP are SENSO, directed by Gérard Vergés, the successful German film STALINGRAD, directed by Josef Vilsmayer, the French film GIORGINO, starring Mylene Farmer and directed by Laurent Boutonnat, the Dutch film for screen and television HOFFMANN´S HUNGER, directed by Leon de Winter and starring Jacqueline Bisset and Elliot Gould, 32 episodes of French television series COMMISSAIRE MAIGRET, with Bruno Cremer as Maigret, TV series for Czech TV broadcasters like SMASHING SEASON, based on the book by the popular Czech exile writer Josef Škvorecký and directed by well-known Czech director Karel Kachyňa, TV series VERY TENDER RELATIONS and UGLY KATKA. Other films we worked on were TOO LOUD A SOLITUDE, starring Phillipe Noiret, LOVE LIES BLEEDING, starring Paul Rhys, Emily Raymond, Malcom McDowel and Faye Dunaway (Village Roadshow Pictures), TV mini series JOAN OF ARC (13 Emmy nominations) produced by Alliance Atlantis Comm. for broadcaster CBS, directed by Christian Duguay, starring Leelee Sobieski, Peter O`Toole, Jacqueline Bisset, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis and for the same producer other TV mini series HITLER: THE RISE OF EVIL (7 Emmy nominations) directed by Christian Duguay, starring Robert Carlyle, Peter Stormare, Matthew Modine, Liev Schreiber and Peter O`Toole.

ETAMP has co-produced two major American feature films THE ADVENTURES OF PINNOCHIO for Savoy Entertainment/Kushner Locke, directed by Steve Barron, starring Martin Landau and THE SHOOTER, co-produced by Silvio Muraglia and Craig Baumgarten, directed by Ted Kotcheff, starring Dolph Lundgren, Marushka Detmers and John Ashton. ETAMP has also co-produced other two European co-productions and produced a feature film of its own.                                                                                                                Recently worked ETAMP for HBO Europe on TV miniseries THE BURNING BUSH (11 Czech Lion awards - most successful film in the history of this competition ever), directed by Agnieszka Holland and TV series WHEN SHALL WE KISS, directed by Oscar nominee director Jan Hřebejk.  

ETAMP is founder-member of the Audiovisual Producer´s Association, joining other film companies in the Czech Republic. After the Czech Republic´s entry to the European fund Eurimages, ETAMP was the first Czech producer who participated in this association.

Jan Bílek is a member of the Czech Film and TV Academy.